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Test repository content description

The Metastudio DRM installation package includes a test repository in which there is a set of objects that allows better understanding of how the application works.

“Connections” folder contains definitions of connections used to create test dictionaries. How to create new connections is presented in chapter Creating connections.

  • ” Demo data” – connection to demo database

“Dictionaries” folder contains definitions of flat dictionary

  • “01. Monetary Institutions” – flat dictionary containing a list of monetary institutions from individual EU countries. Dictionary properties set in metadata: modified formatting, domain in the Category column, list of values ​​in the Country column, default value in the Identifier column
  • “02. Monetary institutions with auto history” – dictionary as above, but with automatic registration of changes
  • “03. Monetary institutions with audit” – dictionary of monetary institutions with added technical columns enabling registration of all dictionary changes in database table, ie: Created By, Created On, Modified By, Modified On, Soft Delete, Is Valid
  • “04. Monetary institutions with audit and versions” – dictionary of institutions as above with validity periods and validators added
  • “05. Monetary institutions with prompt” – dictionary as above with added conditional filtering by countries
  • “06. Company Bank Accounts” – dictionary containing a list of company bank accounts

“Domains” folder contains definitions of domain dictionary.

  • “Bank groups” – a dictionary prepared on the basis of data from the institution’s dictionary, allows to group the institution according to “Head Name” column
  • “Category” – a dictionary of categories occurring in given institutions
  • “Countries” – dictionary of countries
  • “Country picker” – list of countries filtered only to those which appear in given institutions, used in dictionary 05

“Hierarchies” folder contains definitions of hierarchical dictionaries

  • “01. European Regions” – definitions of the regions of Europe containing columns describing dates of validity of a given value and values ​​applicable in different periods
  • “02. Country by Regions” – dictionary with countries to regions

“Layouts” folder contains definitions of dashboards

  • “Groups of Institutions” – for browsing monetary institutions by group
  • “Institutions by category” – for browsing monetary institutions by category
  • “Institutions by European regions” – for browsing institutions by regions
  • “Institutions on Wikipedia” – shows portlets example

“Tools” folder contains definitions of “technical” objects