Metastudio DRM Centralized Reference Data Management

Maintain valid reference data in a centrally managed solution and provide it to the whole organization for analytics, business processes parameters and data warehousing.

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Data Governance with Metastudio DRM.

Using metadata and reference data versioning and change auditing, you get a complete data change path for audit purposes, historical and predictive reporting and categorization of data groups.

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Reference data, metadata & data dictionaries right under powerful control

Issues and company challenges are the same everywhere. Hundreds of data dictionaries are being prepared by business usually as spreadsheets files. Then the files are being attached in corporate emails and circulate from business owners to IT. Wrong versions or invalidated tables are being tested and implemented in business systems. A lot of time and unnecessary calls are needed to clarify issues and explain meanings of dictionaries content, correct versions or validity periods. Start managing reference data and metadata efficiently. Centralize their management, agree on the rules of their control and validation, start versioning them, share them with other systems.

Watch now how to manage reference data with Metastudio DRM

The role of Metastudio DRM in organization.

MetastudioDRM enables import/export, store, edit, manage and integrate all data tables and dictionaries and look-up tables across the organization in one place. It helps data professionals to save time and increase efficiency in managing the corporate DW, BI systems, controlling platforms, PMLs (product management lifecycle), clients attributes, costs centers indexes, etc. Metadata management was never so easy. Data democratization is entering a new era. The overall Metastudio enterprise data architecture presents Fig. 1.

Quick benefits to your organization

Use Cases

Data migration & integration

Help data migration between various business applications. Reconcile and agree dictionary data between old and new systems fast and efficiently. In particular required during data migration to new implemented solutions like billing, CRM, ERP, etc. Also vital for data merger and integration between the existing systems and platforms. It is particularly dedicated for business users who can work with their own data. They are able to map the application specific codes to appropriate business glossaries. The validation rules and completeness of data check is a key function for business users. Migration project manager is a main beneficiary of the solution. We support ETL processes by using various popular syntax like ANSI SQL, HiveQL, SAS4GL, InformaticaTL and many more.

Data warehouse & reporting and BI

Metastudio DW & Reporting solution allows business users to manage and control reference tables and data dictionaries in conjunction with the proper implementation of data processing in warehouses for appropriate information output across organizations. For reporting purposes Metastudio supports users in defining glossaries dimension tables and its hierarchies.

Data quality

Manage data quality in various business areas like DW, marketing campaigns, financial and operational reporting. The solution uses parameterized, dedicated dictionaries to control data from extraction and transformation process to data load. Metastudio automatizes data fulfillment and its adjustment according to defined criteria in the required process.

Controlling and Accounting

MetastudioAccounting solution allows easily managing charts of accounts from various reporting perspectives. It enables users to join different data dictionaries and convert to codes executing financial reports for various stakeholders in the organization. Financial controlling and accounting can easily create mapping tables for data collection from analytical or main accounts and show results as economic meanings like cost of goods sold, accounts receivable, inventory, tangible or intangible assets. The solution also significantly helps to show income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement in different accounting standards: IAS vs. local regulations, IFRS vs. corporate standards or country specific rules. It is also very useful for GL reconciliation templates preparation, execution and adjusting journal entries.

Supported technologies

Reference Projects

Customer Success Stories

The key task of the data warehouse at the Bank is to support processes related to mandatory reporting and risk estimation. Business requirements necessitate frequent changes to the data warehouse configuration. Metastudio DRM fully met this requirements and is an important element of the bank’s data warehouse architecture. This tool reduces the risk of introducing incorrect configuration by technical users and quickly determines who, when and what changes in warehouse parameters introduced and what consequences they had for the reporting data.

Metastudio DRM allows our business users intuitive work with dictionary data. This solution gives us the possibility to create advanced control schemes for entering data and to verify data warehouse configuration for a specific moment in time. An important feature for us is the validation of the syntax of automatically generated data loading processes.

Zdzisław Dec
Business Intelligence Office Director; BNP Paribas Bank SA
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