Customer data hub for aviation company

Customer data hub for airlines businesss

Customer data in the aviation industry

Airlines operate in a rapidly changing environment based on business processes that are served by many IT systems. Data collected with their use reaches the company from various places and channels. Business travel booking system, ticket sales, on-board sales during a flight, complaint handling, call center support are examples of systems that collect and store customer information.

Simple questions, difficult answers

How to answer questions: “How often does a passenger shop on board during his travels?”, “How often do they contact us or make reservations?”. Distributed data rarely allows for quick identification that we are dealing with the same customer. How to get effective marketing communication? How to manage customer relationships?

Data warehouse is not a solution

Theoretically, the solution is a Data Warehouse. However, the process of data consistency can be very complicated and sometimes requires manual intervention. Why not use a consistent set of customer data in other systems? These are typical problems of large companies in the air transport sector, such as our client. Similarly, in all corporations that have a wide range of services and use many separate transaction systems. Usually the solution is to implement the Customer Data Hub, which is a Master Data Management class system. Read here about the differences between data warehouse and master data management.

Customer data hub

Sanmargar CKK and Metastudio DRM were used to build the Customer Data Hub, Master Data Management class system. Sales and marketing departments can manage customer data in one place. This allows them to identify incomplete, ambiguous and incorrect data. This has a huge impact on effective marketing communication and undertaking effective sales activities.

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