Data is a modern fuel for your company - take care of their highest standard.

Improving the quality and completeness of data, as well as their standardization and transparency, means lower cost of data process servicing, right decisions and better efficiency of teams using data. Centralizing and organizing reference data management is one of the key elements of a data management strategy in a modern enterprise.

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Deliver the best quality data for the best business results

Your business users will be crazy about you! Give business people freedom and allow them to easily manage their own information in the simplest way in the universe!

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Do your people in the organization use spreadsheets and flat files to keep their own business or technical glossaries?

Good, don't change their habits. Use MetastudioDRM to easily integrate, collect and control all of these glossaries and other “creative works”.

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Improve the creativity of your team!

Automatic data validation and changes tracking are a key element in data quality management
and data processing risk management.

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Welcome to Metastudio DRM web page! It is our unique, innovative and mature platform for reference data management.

Metastudio DRM application is well established on the market and serving clients for more than 10 years. Our passion and continual process improvement during product development resulted in delivering the best of breed solution for IT and business users.

Metastudio DRM is a specialised tool for effective management of master data dictionaries as well as key solution in data warehouses implementation and maintenance.

Our platform provides a role based centralized approach for day by day working with reference data. Available On-Premise, SaaS, Cloud or Managed Services.

Reduce the risk of inputting the incorrect values in managed tables.

Automate publishing of corrected data in dedicated business or technical systems. Provide on-line control and monitor the changes made by users with a single console. Change manually intensive processes into easy repeated procedures.

Get external data fast and easy integrate it to your systems

Capture data from external tables. For example currency rate exchanges are always added manually with excel. Avoid data input duplication.

Modify appropriate values in tables quickly. Avoid coding errors.

Streamline update of correct fields in dedicated business systems. Reduce acceptance time for making changes to reference data tables. Reduce release cycles for data integration and new functionality implementations.

Be agile and responsive to new data requirements.

Act fast. Implement new business requirements and concepts in applications with no database structure changes. Doing it the old way is to change Customer or Tariff Table and add a new column thus changing the DB structure. Do it in a new way: add new code for new Customer Type or New Tariff.

Improve effectiveness of business intelligence, statutory reporting and data warehouse.

Gain control and automate mapping and trans-coding for reference data being provided to the corporate data warehouse, statutory reporting, BI systems. Get better control over ETL processes.

Monitor data for regulatory compliance.

Automatically map and trans-code reference data used for various dedicated systems.

Speed-up marketing campaigns and it’s fast analysis.

Always categorize data even for a short term horizon. Marketing campaigns are the best example. Create new criteria, extract appropriate data and follow up with quick campaign analytics. Reference data platform gives you accuracy and speed.

Reduce time to market, applications maintenance and development.

Speed-up integration of point-to-point application management for reference data. Remove redundant systems used for storing reference data. Improve process and reduce cost for continuous modifying reference data fields.

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The key task of the data warehouse at the Bank is to support processes related to mandatory reporting and risk estimation. Business requirements necessitate frequent changes to the data warehouse configuration. Metastudio DRM fully met this requirements and is an important element of the bank’s data warehouse architecture. This tool reduces the risk of introducing incorrect configuration by technical users and quickly determines who, when and what changes in warehouse parameters introduced and what consequences they had for the reporting data.

Metastudio DRM allows our business users intuitive work with dictionary data. This solution gives us the possibility to create advanced control schemes for entering data and to verify data warehouse configuration for a specific moment in time. An important feature for us is the validation of the syntax of automatically generated data loading processes.

Zdzisław Dec
Business Intelligence Office Director; BNP Paribas Bank SA
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