Metastudio is a modern Master Data Services tool related to reference data management.
Introduces automated validation and versioning of reference data
to solve key data management challenges on premises and cloud.

Key features


Customer Success Stories

Metastudio DRM allows our business users intuitive work with dictionary data. This solution gives us the possibility to create advanced control schemes for entering data and to verify data warehouse configuration for a specific moment in time. An important feature for us is the validation of the syntax of automatically generated data loading processes.

Zdzisław Dec
Business Intelligence Office Director; Bank BNP Paribas SA

The key task of the data warehouse at the Bank is to support processes related to mandatory reporting and risk estimation. Business requirements necessitate frequent changes to the data warehouse configuration. Metastudio DRM fully met this requirements and is an important element of the bank’s data warehouse architecture. This tool reduces the risk of introducing incorrect configuration by technical users and quickly determines who, when and what changes in warehouse parameters introduced and what consequences they had for the reporting data.

Zdzisław Dec
Business Intelligence Office Director; BNP Paribas Bank SA
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