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Reference data dictionary registration

From the right-click menu on folder name where dictionary should be created e.g. Dictionaries, select the “Add Dictionary” option.

On the new dictionary form in “Connection settings” section you should: select a previously defined connection, select a scheme in the target database that contains dictionary table, click the “Download tables” button. From the downloaded list, select the table containing the reference data dictionary and then select the “Download columns” button. After this operation screen should look like below.

Metastudio retrieves metadata from the database during registration of the dictionary table. Usually, it is enough to indicate “Primary Key”, ie indicate which column or columns are the primary key in the selected table.

After selecting primary key and saving the dictionary metadata, we can work on it with default parameters immediately. In order to use the full capabilities of Metastudio DRM, use the dictionary metadata editing options by selecting “Edit metadata” from the menu available by right-clicking on the dictionary name. We recommend analyzing the dictionary configuration in the test repository.