Our Client, EU’s biggest producer of coking coal, decided to significantly strengthen its financial management function. An operational controlling concept for the mining sector, innovative for the whole industry, was developed. Translating this general concept into specific controlling processes that would also take account of technological conditions was the task for Sanmargar Team consultants. As part of the implementation of the project, new information needs, required by the new approach to controlling, and the range of the „information gap” were identified, and ways of elimination of information deficit were proposed. At a later stage, an information architecture concept for the whole controlling-support solution was developed and detailed organizational processes were defined, including the development of a detailed planning procedure, form and manner of allocation of cost of internal services, and report and analysis templates, taking into account not only financial measures, but also the whole range of controlling operational measures.
Sanmargar consultants also took part in the development of a strategic controlling concept for the whole Group of our Client, including coke production, electricity generation, and the whole range of companies auxiliary to the core business of the Group, in addition to the mining segment. During our work, we closely collaborated with the academic community of the AGH University of Science and Technology and one of the world’s audit and business consulting leaders.

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