Analytical Platform

Sanmargar created a controlling data warehouse and an analytical and reporting platform for our Client – Europe’s biggest producer of coking coal. The delivery of an effective reporting and data analysis tool to Controlling responded to the needs of the new operational controlling concept. It significantly expanded the scope of data of interest to the Company’s financial management. In addition to the already analysed and reported financial measures, it became necessary to watch quantitative and qualitative measures and indicators: efficiency, effectiveness, safety at work, etc., as it was those measures that were set as targets to be achieved by managers of responsibility centers.

The project was completed using Oracle Business Intelligence technology combined with Sanmargar’s proprietary Metastudio solution. Data loading and processing mechanisms were built using Pentaho Data Integration.

The implementation of this project made it possible to optimize business operations – regular monitoring of financial and non-financial targets and coordination of efforts to achieve them by centers of responsibility at different organization levels. It also introduced several organizational and process improvements: ensured data transparency and unambiguity, its homogeneity across different modules of the source systems – in the past, for instance, mining data reported using different ERP system modules could yield different results. Thanks to the detection of discrepancies during the implementation, efforts were made to ensure the consistency of such data and its homogeneity was successfully achieved.
The open architecture of the solution and the use of Sanmargar’s proprietary Metastudio for the management of metadata and reference data dictionaries made it possible for Controlling and Production to take over business parametrization of monitoring. Business users can now manage data mapping and dictionaries which control data acquisition and its processing in the data warehouse without the participation of IT personnel.

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