Metastudio increases Snowflake’s ability to manage data quality

New technologies appear in the world of data management based on completely new assumptions and mechanisms. Snowflake was built specifically for the cloud and fully exploits the potential offered by the cloud.

Increasingly larger data sets available in an increasingly shorter time, however, are subject to the same quality management requirements as traditional data warehouses. In data quality management, the ability to update dictionaries or mappings by business people is key.

Following the trends, the new versions of Metastudio DRM will be adapted to work in the cloud and have dedicated interfaces for solutions such as Snowflake. As a result, users will be able to independently manage reference data regardless of where the data and applications are located.

If you are interested in how Metastudio supports Snowflake, join the next Reference Data Management Meetup 23 October 2019.

Data Management Warsaw Meetup

Warsaw, PL
46 Członkowie

A group for anyone interested in data management: metadata, reference data, dictionaries, master data. We invite all architects, experts and users of Business Intelligence, Da…

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