Metastudio DRM update available from December 2022

Upcoming end of the year is a good opportunity to provide you with the next version in our application.

Over the past months, we have been working on changes that are primarily intended to facilitate the team management of reference data. The main changes include the release of the notification module. We’ve also added the ability to quickly update extensive datasets via dashboards. CDO and Data Governance managers will be interested in the extensions enabling business describing content dictionaries, which This would allowyou to gather knowledge about their context.System architects will be enthusiastic about Metastudio’s DRM alignment with OpenJDK 13 standards as an alternative to the commercial Oracle JDK.

  • implementation of the notification module;  
  • the ability to lock tables for editing and save unverified dictionaries;
  • extension of dashboards with the possibility of: defining complex association keys between embedded dictionaries and automatic filling of foreign key values ​​in the related dictionary;
  • defining business dictionary descriptions;
  • expanding / collapsing dictionary records with grouping;
  • support for OpenJDK 13;
  • updating of validators and parameterization of dictionaries.

Metastudio DRM was created to manage dictionaries of reference data and their easy publishing. The implemented data modeling system and the integrated security and control rules system make it possible to combine the freedom of work of business users with IT requirements. Recording changes at different levels and a version control system for individual dictionary values ​​allows you to easily identify irregularities and verify validity periods. Dictionaries can be automatically synchronized so that all systems use a uniform version. At the same time, the data administrator has the ability to centrally manage dictionaries from one place.

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