We call partners!

Reference Data Management (RDM) is of interest to many organizations. A few years ago, only large corporations initiated projects of this type. The automation of communication between different systems causes the problem to become more and more global.

Sanmargar Team has been dealing with the subject of RDM for several years. Increased market interest naturally mobilizes us to expand the group of implementation experts cooperating with us. This is reflected in our development strategy. We plan to focus on the development of our proprietary tools, ie Metastudio DRM and services related to technical support for software. Thanks to this, we will be able to provide a high-quality product that is tailored to the requirements of business users, and our partners will be able to effectively carry out implementation projects

We are intensively expanding the partner network and the range of services supporting partners in the application of our solutions.

If you operate on the market of data processing and sharing services, we invite you to cooperate: https://metastudiodrm.com/partner-inquiry.

We will help you expand the scope of your projects and increase their business value.

About Sanmargar Team:

For 15 years, Sanmargar Team has been cooperating with a group of clients from various industries by implementing systems that allow the use of new opportunities in the digital economy and optimization of the costs of their implementation and maintenance. The use of the proprietary Metastudio DRM tool, which supports the management of reference data, plays a key role in ensuring appropriate data quality and allows for their effective use.

About Metastudio DRM:

Metastudio DRM is Sanmargar Team’s proprietary solution supporting the management of reference data such as dictionaries of codes or values, organizational structures, charts of accounts, dimension hierarchies, rules and parameters of data processing processes. This specialized editor for reference data, independent of database technology, allows business analysts to take responsibility for managing these elements, e.g. in controlling, sales or IT.

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