Reference data dictionaries for everyone

Suppose you are the administrator or business owner of a report database, data warehouse, or product or customer master data. Or maybe you are data architect in large company. What takes you the most time? It depends ÔÇŽ ;-), but this usually applies to some part of the reference data.

Most of our business friends and partners working in such positions are wondering how to maintain consistency between data that goes from source systems to the report database or data warehouse and ultimately goes to reports or other systems. They solve problems related to errors detected by users or deal with boring subsequent changes in the data configuration.

We’ve built Metastudio DRM for them. By central management of reference data dictionaries and parameters of data transformation processes, automatic data validation and the ability to delegate editing of dictionary data to business users, they can focus on solving only really serious problems.

Metastudio DRM application can be downloaded after registration directly from our server with a 30-day free trial license. The application can be installed locally and immediately checked in action with already used tables with reference data. We have prepared a shortened version of the documentation so that novice users can quickly check the capabilities of the tool.

The series of our webinars will show you how to use Metastudio DRM to solve more or less typical issues in the field of reference data management. For more information please contact us or visit to check upcoming webinars. 

Enjoy using Metastudio DRM!


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