Changes tracking

Audit of actions performed by users at the level of the user account, department, date and time, and type of event. Possibility of subscribing to automatic notifications via e-mail about important actions performed by users on the indicated facilities.

LDAP integration

SSO with Windows Active Directory or any other LDAP services integration. Access control for users to perform common tasks as non-administrators and as administrators. Access to particular individual folders and objects of a reference data repository.

UI and UX built on best practices

After more than 10 years of experience we deliver best in its class UI/UX. Examples: data display configuration, “as in Excel” data editing, the ability to create related dictionary data, documentation or reports, displaying hierarchical dictionaries, etc.


Support for advanced validity periods of individual reference data entries.

Synchronization with flat files

Export and import of reference data to CSV, TXT, XLS files.

Automatic validation

Validation based on regular expressions, value lists. Implemented syntax validators, e.g. sql, SAS scripts.

On premise, in cloud or hybrid

You can manage data dictionaries and data configurations in any architecture and their combinations. Infrastructure in the age of total digitalization is changing rapidly. More and more data is processed in the cloud. You can manage dictionaries in one place, regardless of where they are implemented.

One place for all data dictionaries

Data Warehouse or Master Data dictionaries are organized into a central, hierarchical structure of folders and objects. You can see all reference data in one tree with appropriate user rights.for all data dictionaries.

Learn how to reduce costs associated with data management in a short time and reduce the risk resulting from poor data quality.

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