_consistency and reliability od information – implementation of data dictionaries in a financial institution

In the face of increasing amounts of data, a key challenge for large organizations is maintaining the consistency and reliability of information while providing business users with the freedom to act. An example of an effective approach to this challenge is the implementation of the Metastudio Reference Data Management platform by the biggest insurer in CEE – PZU Group.

Using the potential of data in practice

Large organizations often struggle with the challenge of effectively using the potential of their data. The key element is to provide quick access to consistent and reliable information, while allowing creativity and freedom for business users. Extensive security policies and a large diversity of operating IT systems mean that users’ freedom in using data was often limited to local spreadsheets or dedicated micro-applications. From the management’s point of view, the reliability of information based on scattered data was very low, and its verification generated enormous costs. Simple questions related to products, sales network, etc. required complicated answers.

Challenges and solutions

The HD/BI tool development team in the PZU Group Information Management Office, led by Mariusz Siwko, was faced with the task of managing diverse data scattered in many applications and Excel workbooks. The solution was the implementation of the Metastudio platform, which created a central repository of dictionaries, improving change management and reducing the so-called technological debt.

Stages and scale of the project

The project was divided into business areas and dictionary groups, taking into account the scope, connections of the dictionaries with current business processes and the scale of necessary migrations. This approach allowed for effective project management and achievement of goals.

Key benefits and impact on business processes

Thanks to the implementation of Metastudio, significant simplification in change management was achieved. A unified dictionary repository and permissions model streamlined business processes, and migrating dictionaries to a single platform brought significant benefits in terms of efficiency and consistency of information.

Do you want to learn more about the effectiveness and benefits of implementing Metastudio in the PZU Group? Contact us for more information and to see how we can help you achieve similar results.

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