Sanmargar Team extends partnership with Hitachi Vantara

In April this year, Sanmargar Team joined the group of Hitachi Vantara partners in the Lumada Platform area. The partnership aims to offer the Lumada platform on the Polish market along with Sanmargar Team’s flagship product – Metastudio DRM.

“Cooperation with Hitachi will allow us to expand our offer in the field of Data Governance for Enterprise sector clients. The combination of expert knowledge and market familiarity of the Sanmargar Team with advanced Hitachi solutions will enable us to reach the most demanding customers in the financial, telco or retail sector,” said Ireneusz Chmielak, Managing Director of Sanmargar Team.

Sanmargar Team is a group of experts supporting modern and efficient data processing processes and solutions supporting data management. The basis of the company’s activity is the development and distribution of the @MetastudioDRM solution (reference data management). The company’s mission is to support architects and data recipients in managing information flows.

Metastudio DRM allows for the preparation, editing, validation of dictionaries, syntax validation in ETL processes, data cleaning, controlling the appropriate dictionaries in creating and running reports. The application does not store dictionary data that we manage. It connects via a JDBC driver to databases where dictionaries are stored and there allows for editing and changes according to permissions granted by the administrator. Users do not need to know programming languages or SQL scripts to use the platform. The application allows for efficient takeover of responsibility for dictionary data by their business owners.

Lumada is a digital platform developed by Hitachi Vantara. The Lumada platform combines advanced data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the area of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to deliver innovative solutions for various sectors and industries.

Thanks to the Lumada platform, Hitachi Vantara offers advanced solutions for data management and analysis, enabling organizations to extract value and knowledge from their business data. Lumada also offers the ability to monitor, manage and optimize IT infrastructure and to use the potential of IoT for collecting, analyzing and using data from devices and sensors.

The Lumada platform is used in various sectors, such as industry, energy, transport, healthcare, finance and many others. By combining different technologies, Lumada supports organizations in digital transformation and developing new innovative solutions.

Mateusz Hoffmann (Business Development Manager)

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