Update of Metastudio DRM in August 2020

The progressive digitization of the economy requires more and more effective tools to support data management. Sanmargar Team monitors the changing needs of current and future Metastudio DRM users and takes into account their expectations in subsequent versions of the application. The latest version of Metastudio DRM, which is available from August 2020, allows you to:

Managing connections to databases containing dictionaries from the application level. It allows you to manage them without the need to restart the application and access files stored on the application server. This allows the system user roles to be effectively managed and better aligned with general security principles.

Metadata synchronization. Provides easy publication of metadata between repositories. As a result, they can be quickly transferred from test environments to production or reuse the same pieces of metadata in different areas.

Extending support to Open JDK. It gives the possibility to use the free version of Java. Thanks to this, you can reduce the costs of implementation in a situation where the company does not have paid licenses.
New license control system. It allows you to use Metastudio DRM in various configurations. As a result, purchase expenses are tailored to different user groups.

The Sanmargar Team is working on further changes. In the next version planned for publication in September 2020, a notification system will be implemented, which will allow to improve the management of reference data in a situation where irregular involvement of business users is require

About Sanmargar Team:

For 15 years, Sanmargar has been cooperating with a group of clients from various industries by implementing systems that allow the use of new opportunities in the digital economy and optimization of the costs of their implementation and maintenance. The use of the proprietary Metastudio DRM tool, which supports the management of reference data, plays a key role in ensuring appropriate data quality and allows for their effective use.

About Metastudio DRM:

Metastudio DRM is Sanmargar Team’s proprietary solution supporting the management of reference data such as dictionaries of codes or values, organizational structures, charts of accounts, dimension hierarchies, rules and parameters of data processing processes. This specialized editor for reference data, independent of database technology, allows business analysts to take responsibility for managing these elements, e.g. in controlling, sales or IT.

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